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Integra offers online account management with all of our cost-effective Long Distance and Toll Free services. You'll have 24 x 7 instant access to detailed usage reports on all long distance and toll free calls.

Long Distance

Stay connected to customers, vendors, family and friends across the state, country and world with Integra's wide selection of economical Long Distance services.

Domestic Long Distance

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Optional Features

Track long distance calls by project or client - Perfect for lawyers and other professionals who may book these expenses to their clients. Use Optional Account Codes to simplify your accounting practices. Once activated, you will be prompted to enter an Account Code after dialing a toll call. These toll calls are then sorted and subtotaled on your invoice, first by Account Code, then by date and time.

Monitor usage by individual or department - Use Integra's Forced Account Codes feature to require an account code before initiating a long distance call. Calls will be itemized by account code on your bill.

Control your toll call costs - Integra's Authorization codes allow you to identify a list of codes, or PINs to allow/deny toll calls. This is a cost-control technique to identify toll calls to individual PINs. This feature is perfect for restricting call type for phones in common or public areas. Toll calls are sorted on the invoice by PIN.