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Business Line Calling Features




3-way Calling

Allows you to connect two other parties at different locations at the same time.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Removes distractions by allowing you to block “private” or “anonymous” calls.

Call Forward Busy

Allows you to send calls to a pre-selected number if your line is busy.

Call Forward No Answer

Allows you to send unanswered calls to a pre-selected number after an established number of rings.

Call Forward Variable

Allows you to forward all calls to a local, long distance, or mobile number based on your preference. You are able to change the forward-to number at any time.

Call Transfer

Allows you to transfer a caller to another party.

Call Waiting

Allows you to answer another call while you're on the phone.

Caller ID On Call Waiting

Provides two great features packaged together. Call Waiting will alert you that someone is calling and the Caller ID will display the second caller's information.

Caller ID

Displays the name and telephone number of your calling party.

Continuous Redial

Continues to dial a busy number for 30 minutes or until the call is answered.

Distinctive Ring

Assigns up to three additional phone numbers to one access line. Each number has a distinctive ring, and can be used to identify incoming faxes or phone calls destined for a specific party.

Last Call Return

Provides the number of the last person to call your phone.

Remote Access Forwarding

Gives you the flexibility to remotely forward calls anytime, from any touch tone phone so calls are never missed.

Selective Call Rejection

This feature will screen and reject calls based on your specified screening list.


Automatically forwards calls from a busy line to a free line. Choose from Series Line Hunting or Circular Line Hunting.

Speed Dial 8

Assigns a single digit-code to 8 frequently dialed phone numbers.

Speed Dial 30

Assigns a two-digit code to 30 frequently dialed phone numbers.


Some features not available in all areas. Additional features not listed may also be available.