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Tips For New Customers

Integra would like to make the transition of your telecommunications service as convenient and trouble-free as possible.

Prevent Double Billing

We would like to make the transition of your telecommunication services from your previous carrier as convenient and trouble-free as possible. To ensure the billing portion of this process is completed properly we ask that you please contact the billing department of your previous carrier(s) once your services are transferred to Integra. Even though they may no longer be providing you service, it is best to confirm that they have stopped billing for services they no longer provide. This notice by you will prevent any continued billing, thereby preventing double billing errors.

Be sure to wait until all services have transitioned to Integra before canceling service with your previous carrier.

Directory Listings

It's important we capture your directory listing information accurately. Essential to serving you better is proper verification of your primary line for publishing in the directory listings. If there are numbers not being transferred to Integra, please verify the directory listing status by contacting the associated service provider. This will prevent incorrect phone numbers in our directory listing database and ensure accurate listings in the phone books.