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New Customer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my business in the White Page directory listings?

Integra Telecom can provide assistance with your directory listings in the White Pages for services provided by Integra. It is essential that you properly verify both your primary line as well as any other numbers moving to Integra. If there are numbers not being transferred to Integra, please verify the directory listings status by contacting the associated service provider. This will prevent incorrect phone numbers in our directory listings database and ensure accurate listings in the phone books.

How do I advertise my business in the Yellow Pages?

Integra Telecom's telephone directory is published in the month of July. Our directory is the official book of our Scott-Rice service territory. Our directory publisher will assist you with ad placement and design. For more information regarding yellow page advertising, please contact our office at 952-226-7001.

We are moving. Can we keep our telephone number?

Integra will attempt to keep your phone number when you move. However, it may not be possible to keep your phone number depending upon where you move. Please contact Integra Customer Care to determine the best solution.

Can we keep our toll free number when switching to Integra service?

Yes, you may keep your toll free number when switching to Integra service. You will be asked to identify your toll free number when you set up your service with Integra.

How do I ensure that my previous provider stops billing me for my services?

We would like to make the transition of your telecommunication services from your previous carrier as convenient and trouble-free as possible. To ensure the billing portion of this process is completed properly we ask that you please contact the billing department of your previous carrier(s) once your services are transferred to Integra. Even though they may no longer be providing you service, it is best to confirm that they have stopped billing for services they no longer provide. This notice by you will prevent any continued billing, thereby preventing double billing errors. Be sure to wait until all services have transitioned to Integra before canceling service with your previous carrier.

What is my billing cycle?

Integra Telecom of Prior Lake bills customers on the 4th of every month. The billing cycle runs for approximately 30 days. The due date for payment is the 20th of every month and is listed on the front page of your Integra invoice.

What are the taxes and surcharges that appear on my bill?

Integra Telecom collects the federal, state, and local taxes, fees and surcharges levied on telecommunications providers and their customers on behalf of the government entities that administer these charges. In addition, Integra imposes and collects several surcharges on its own behalf. Please refer to our Surcharge Section for complete guide to surcharges, taxes, and fees.

How are governmental taxes, fees, and surcharges computed?

Integra's invoicing system calculates governmental taxes, fees, and surcharges in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are either a percentage-based rate or imposed on a per-line basis.

Why is our first Integra bill higher than I expected?

If your Integra service started or ended in the middle of your billing cycle, the charge will be prorated accordingly. Typically, monthly recurring charges are prorated. Activation, labor, and other one-time charges are also applied on the first Integra invoice.

How does Integra bill for services?

Integra bills customers in advance for service with standard monthly recurring rates. Bills are generated monthly. Your bill cycle dates will determine how your monthly charges are billed. You will be billed from the date after your bill cycle date to the date of your bill cycle date in advance. The billing period for each recurring charge is identified to the left of the charge.

For services such as long distance and conference calling that are charged per minute used, Integra bills in arrears which means that you are billed for calls made after the billing period in which they occurred. Each statement should reflect calls made in the previous billing period. Integra reserves the right to bill calls for 180 days after the call is made. Your first statement may not reflect toll calls.

How does Integra bill for partial months?

Since your billing date may not coincide with the date your services were installed, you may see partial month billing on your first statement. Partial month billing covers the period of time that your service was installed up to your bill date. The billing period for each recurring charge is identified to the left of the charge. Full month charges will be indicated by start and end dates showing a full month interval. Partial month charges will display start and end dates showing an interval of less than one month.

What are Integra's Customer Care Center hours of operation?

Our Customer Care Center is available from 8 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday

How can I get a completed Form W9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification from Integra Telecom?

You can download Integra's Form W9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification in PDF format.

Why is there a difference on our long distance calls between our contracted rate and the average rate per minute calculated from our Integra Telecom bill?

Integra rounds all long distance calls to the nearest whole cent or 2 decimal places by rounding up to the nearest penny. Our Long Distance calls are billed with the following increments:

 Call Type  Increments
Domestic Calls 30 second minimum, then 6 second increments thereafter
Toll Free Calls 30 second minimum, then 6 second increments thereafter
International Calls One minute minimum, then one minute increments thereafter
Calling Cards* One minute minimum, then one minute increments thereafter

How can I verify my long distance carrier?

You can verify your current long distance carrier by calling the Long Distance Carrier Test Number:

What is slamming?

Slamming is the term used to describe the changing of your long distance carrier to another provider without your knowledge or permission. In order to prevent your service from being slammed, simply contact Integra Customer Care and ask for a long distance freeze. A long distance freeze indicates that no carrier changes can be made unless you authorize the change either by phone or in writing. If you believe you have been slammed, please contact Integra Customer Care immediately.

More information on slamming can be found in our Public Information and Policy section.

What is toll fraud?

Toll fraud occurs when unauthorized persons gain access remotely to a company's telephone system to make long distance toll calls. In most serious cases, hackers are able to capture long distance lines and then "resell" long distance service at a significant expense to the company. Domestic and international toll fraud is estimated to cost U.S. companies $1.2 billion a year. Read Integra's toll fraud policy for more information.

How do I protect my business from toll fraud?

Preventing toll fraud is your responsibility, therefore, make it a priority to protect your business.

*Surcharges apply on certain call types