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Community Matters

A key question you may ask yourself when contemplating your career is, "What kind of a company do I want to work for?" At Integra Telecom we are offering you the opportunity to work for a company that cares about the health and well-being of our communities.

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Our Communities Matter

Youth, Health & Community

We strive every day to assist our customers at a local level. This is why we place our teams from Sales & Operations to Customer Care in the communities we serve. Community Matters is an Integra Telecom employee program focused on supporting employee volunteering efforts and partnering with charitable organizations to support local events that improve the quality of life for our employees and customers alike.

Community Matters supports programs, causes and organizations within the following three categories:


Get out and make a difference!

Every year employees are given 8 paid Community Matters volunteer hours. These hours may be used during normal work hours to volunteer at the non-profit of your choice. To date employees have taken advantage of their hours by lending a hand to multiple organizations and programs in need of assistance.

Examples Include:

Become a Part of the Community Matters Team!

Our Community Matters "Captains" and their teams in each of our 11 states help to lead our mission at a local level. We love to see new faces join our team. All new employees are introduced to the Community Matters program as part of our New employee Orientation. We invite all Integra employees to contact the Community Matters Captain in their area to inquire about becoming involved in this exciting employee program.