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Toll Fraud Policy

This Toll Fraud policy defines toll fraud and specifies actions the Customer and Integra will take to address such fraud.

Toll Fraud

Toll Fraud is the theft of long distance service. It typically occurs when a party gains remote access to the Customer's PBX or key system located at the Customer's premise. Toll fraud may also occur through unauthorized use of the Customer's calling cards.


Customers should immediately notify Integra of suspected Toll Fraud by calling the Integra Customer Care Center. Be prepared to identify the means by which the fraud occurred, if known, and any modifications made to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) in an attempt to stop the Toll Fraud. Upon notice, Integra will investigate any suspected Toll Fraud, and may block, suspend, or otherwise limit the ability of the Service to prevent continued Toll Fraud. Customer agrees to cooperate with Integra in the investigation, including the reporting of such incidents to the appropriate Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Customer agrees to provide Integra with such information and documentation as Integra may request, including any reports, testimony or affidavits submitted to law enforcement.


Integra is dedicated to leading the industry in providing quality, user-friendly network services and CPE. As part of that commitment, Integra respects the right of its customers to choose the Integra services and equipment that meet particular Customer needs, so long as the use is lawful and does not violate Integra's policies and procedures. The freedom of the Customer to choose among Integra's diverse service applications and the Customer's exclusive control of CPE means that the Customer, and not Integra, is capable of addressing and preventing Toll Fraud. IT IS THE EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER TO PREVENT THE OCCURRENCE OF FRAUD, and Customer is responsible for payment of any charges incurred due to fraud (including Toll Fraud), abuse, or misuse of the Services, whether known or unknown to Customer, and whether or not Integra takes any actions to stop or block Toll Fraud.

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